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JA Bahamas focuses on 'Youth Innovation Leading the Way' for 2015-2016

NASSAU, Bahamas -- JA Bahamas believes that youth innovation is vital to the advancement and development of young Bahamians and our nation at large. Taking our cue from this theme and logo developed by achiever Delvonae Beckles of Grand Bahama, JA Bahamas has decided to allow for youth innovation to lead the way in our efforts this year.

We look forward to a year of developing our programmes nationwide through the continuation and enhancement of our JA Elementary (Grades K-6) , JA 4 Juniors (Grades 7-9), JA Titan (Grades 9-12) and The Company Programme (Grades 10-12) ; and introduction of our JA Aspire Programme (Family Islands Grades 10-12). With the goal of impacting 20,000 young Bahamians nationwide, we encourage all to get involved and become a part of The Junior Achievement Bahamas experience. Whether one chooses to sponsor, support, volunteer, join or attend one of our events, JA Bahamas offers opportunities for all.

The core principles of JA Bahamas - financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship - are more than needed in today's social and economic climate. It is our hope that by the further advancement and expansion of the JA Programmes nationwide, more young Bahamians will be empowered and prepared for lifelong decisions, career choices and financial responsibility. It is our belief that with the introduction of our JA Parents Workshop, JA Discover College, Career & Entrepreneurship Fair, STEM Summit, JA Creative, JA Beyond, JA in A Day and JA REAL Life Summit we will meet the needs of every student in The Bahamas.

The success of JA Bahamas depends on the continued partnership of the Government of The Bahamas via the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture; and the support of and financial contributions from our sponsoring firms, corporate partners, donors and alumni. We also depend on the continuous efforts of our volunteers, advisors and teachers who invest their time, talents and knowledge into the lives of our thousands of achievers. We welcome all to join, support, donate and volunteer to ensure this year is truly a success and that our nation reaps the future benefit of today’s investment in our youth.

Photo: JA Bahamas Programme Managers come together for official launch. Front Row (L-R) Ms. Tammy Lecky, JA Bahamas Programme Manager; Mr. Philip Simon, Vice Chairman JA Bahamas, Mr. K. Darron Turnquest, Director of Youth, Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture and Mr. Raymond Winder; Chairman JA Bahamas

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