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What is Junior Achievement?

We provide programs that educate and inspire young people to value free enterprise, business, and economics in order to improve the quality of their lives.



What age groups does JA target?

We have elementary, junior high and high school programmes. 



What will students learn from this?

Students learn how and why people assume roles as citizens, workers, and employees, plus, they get the benefits of a positive role model presenting material that is attractive as well as informative.



How can Junior Achievement assist me in teaching my curriculum?

The concepts and skills are particularly relevant to their social studies classes and can be integrated with the general school curriculum.



Who presents Junior Achievement?

We recruit and train volunteers from the community, often business people, to present JA to our achievers. The elementary programme requires teachers as it is presented as a during-school hours programme. 



What materials will the volunteer use in the classroom?

We provide a program “kit” for each class that includes a step-by-step guidebook for all volunteers and teachers. The kit is complete with all materials required for program implementation. Many kits have workbooks for students to keep, bright posters, and other items that promote hands-on learning.



Who can volunteer?

We work with all individuals who are passionate about youth development through financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship. All volunteers must commit and follow the Volunteers Code of Conduct. 



How will I know what to do once I am in the classroom?

You will be completely trained by the JA staff on your program materials.  You are encouraged to incorporate your experiences into the JA material.



I was in JA when I was in High School, what happened to that program?

You were in the "Company Programme", JA has now expanded to offer economic education to grades Kindergarten - 12.  Your program still exists and is available. The overall JA Programme has been modified to fit in with the current economic education requirements.



Is there a cost associated with any of the Junior Achievement Programs?

Each JA Programme has an applied bare minimum fee at the cost of each achiever. 



How can I get JA at my child's school?

Just call the JA office and let us know which school, we will take it from there!


I want to be involved but I simply do not have time to volunteer - what else can I do?

There are numerous fundraisers including the Fun, Run, Walk and Bowl-a-thon and many more special events where you can participate. You may also choose to host a student (Job Shadow) or a class to visit your office for one day. We would love to help you get involved in any way that you can!


What does JA look for in a volunteer?

Junior Achievement volunteers are the key to the success of the organization. They come from all areas of business and must bring with them commitment, experience, perspective and most importantly, enthusiasm.


I want to volunteer but how do I select the program that is best suited for me?

JA encourages volunteers to review all of the programs we offer and to consider your own skills, strengths, interest and availability. Consider the age group you would like to work with, as well as your schedule and areas of expertise. Remember - no matter which program you choose - you will make a difference.


I don’t have a specific business background – am I still qualified to volunteer?

YES! Junior Achievement’s main focus is to provide students with the skills they need to face their futures with confidence. JA programs are aimed at introducing preliminary business concepts to students and encouraging them to appreciate the benefits of ongoing education. You have already done this so you’re already an expert!


Once I have selected a program of interest how do I get involved?

Once you have chosen your preferred program please fill out the volunteer application form. Make sure to fill out all of your information so we can ensure that you are properly recognized.


I’ve sent in my application form, now what?

Upon receipt of your application form you will be contacted by a Programme Administrator to set up an orientation date and begin the screening process. After being guided through the process of training and program delivery, you will be matched to a registered class by a JA Programme Administrator. Depending on your time schedule, it may take at least four weeks before you are in a classroom.


I have never presented a program to students before – can I still volunteer?

ABSOLUTELY! All of Junior Achievement's volunteers go through program-specific training sessions led by  Programme Administrators. Throughout your training session you will be given tips on how to facilitate the program, relate to the students and how to prepare your delivery. The Volunteer Manuals provided with each program are also very detailed and give step-by-step instructions on how to teach each lesson.


Can I go into the classroom with a partner or do I have to go alone?

Some volunteers choose to partner with someone else, particularly our first time volunteers. If you do want a partner, JA encourages you to recruit a colleague, client, family member, or friend to deliver the program with you as JA cannot guarantee that we will have a partner for you. Once you have experience under your belt, delivering a program on your own is easy, fun and a great way to help us reach more students.


Can I choose the area where I want to deliver the program?

We do ask you to select a location or school preference. JA does deliver programs in all areas, however delivering a program in any area is subject to the availability of the volunteers and as such we cannot guarantee that you will be delivering in any specific area. We encourage you to select a few areas in which you are willing to volunteer. If you live in the city and rely on public service please specify that on your form and we will do our best to book you into a location that is accessible.


Once I become a volunteer how much time do I have to commit to JA?

Your commitment to Junior Achievement is largely based on the program you choose to be involved with. However, regardless of the program, volunteers are all expected to attend the scheduled orientation and training sessions (hours depending on program choice) that are held throughout the year at the JA offices. With the exception of JA’s Company Program, all of the programs are delivered during school hours and as such, volunteers are committed to delivering the program during the workday. Volunteers are also expected to take the time (after training) to re-read through the materials and prepare for the in-class program delivery. The exact time commitment differs for each volunteer and program (for detailed information on program commitments please contact a Programme Administrator).


What happens after my volunteer commitment is finished?

Upon completion of a JA program you will be required to fill out an evaluation form, and sign up to teach again if you wish! Often volunteers receive letters and cards of thanks from their students, and a letter verifying your participation in JA can also be sent to your employer upon request.


Can I volunteer more than once in a school year?

OF COURSE! If your time allows, JA would be happy to have you as a volunteer, again and again. Many volunteers teach a program and assist in many areas!


If I volunteer for a program that I have already delivered, do I need to attend the training session again?

Not necessarily. If you are an experienced volunteer who has already attended a training session for that program and been in the classroom, you do not need to attend a second training session for the same program unless you feel that a “refresher” is needed.  If you decide next year to try a different program, you will be required to attend training for that program.








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